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Michelangelo at the Met

From now until February 12, 2018, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is showcasing a fascinating exhibit on Michelangelo.  The exhibit highlights his mastery of drawing, design, […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year PolisPandit described the historical origins of Thanksgiving and how it became a national holiday.  As stated in the article, in 1789, “President Washington proclaimed a day of thanks […]

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Antitrust and Big Tech

On Monday, November 13, 2017, Missouri’s attorney general, Josh Hawley, launched an investigation into Google’s handling of its consumer’s data, and whether it manipulated search results to favor its own […]

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Lessons for a New Week

Benjamin Franklin was known for many things.  He wore numerous hats – he was a printer, scientist, philosopher, and statesman, amongst others.  Early in his life when he was still finding his way in the world he set upon a moral perfection project, aiming to achieve the highest level of moral perfection.  In order to do this he constructed a […]

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What Do You Think Domestic Violence Looks Like?

Almost everyone in America now knows Ray Rice.  Not for his football prowess, his multiple Pro Bowl selections, or his Super Bowl ring.  They know him as the woman beater and domestic abuser.  Certain life events involving professional athletes have a tendency to go beyond the realm of what only ESPN or your local sports news channel will cover.  Domestic […]