Pardon and Prison: An Analysis of Trump’s Pardon Power and How It Could Lead to Obstruction

The article analyzes Trump’s legal ability to save himself and his associates through his pardon power. The analysis also examines what charges Mueller might be able to bring should Trump try to pardon potential co-conspirators, or even himself.


The Republican Kavanaugh Hypocrisy

I have not shied from voicing my displeasure toward the Republican Party as of late.  Too often in the past they've taken the moral high ground, particularly during the Clinton administration (where we discussed the President's sex life for 2 full years), only to smack themselves with hypocrisy once one of their own fails to…

Where is the Outrage? A Call to End America’s Gun Epidemic

Where is the outrage?  A little over a month has passed since the October 1st Las Vegas massacre, and already, media outlets have buried updates about the shooting on their websites and newspapers.  Take a tour of the major sources (NYT, WSJ, CNN, Fox, MSNBC).  You will be hard-pressed to find any news, and most…