Thoughts: The Name of the Rose

The dangers of faith and fear, and the only truth we should seek.


The Little Paris Bookshop: A Review

What a delightful read.  I purchased this book at an independent bookstore in Austin, Texas (BookPeople).  Nothing about it screams Austin, nor does it have anything to do with Texas or the American south.  Far from it, in fact.  It is a story of a Frenchman who lives in Paris and owns a floating bookstore…

Anna Karenina and the Contemporary Treatment of Women

Society has been inundated recently with stories of oppressed women.  The #MeToo campaign, in particular, gained traction after media outlets publicized sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men (PolisPandit wrote about it here).  Stories detailing the plight of women at the hands of powerful male oppressors have persisted for centuries.  Whether due…