The Five Best Podcasts – Culture, News, Politics

Five of my current favorite podcasts, covering culture, news, and politics.


Where is the Outrage? A Call to End America’s Gun Epidemic

Where is the outrage?  A little over a month has passed since the October 1st Las Vegas massacre, and already, media outlets have buried updates about the shooting on their websites and newspapers.  Take a tour of the major sources (NYT, WSJ, CNN, Fox, MSNBC).  You will be hard-pressed to find any news, and most…

The Unknown Legislatures that Run America

The American media loves to report on Presidential elections.  From e-mail scandals to birth certificates, West Point admissions to unfathomable hairstyles, the American media will stop at nothing to run another sound bite or story on Presidential elections, even when primary season is in its infancy.  Senate, congressional, and gubernatorial races receive less coverage from…