The End of Net Neutrality and its Negative Consequences

The internet plays a pivotal role in democracy.  It is a forum for free speech, venue for social activism, and origin of many grassroots movements.  Prior to Thursday, December 14th, it did not matter whether you were a major service and content provider like Netflix, or a sole proprietor with a great competing website idea. …


Update – Verizon Fios and the 30 Day Internet Policy

Two weeks ago, PolisPandit wrote an article about Verizon Fios and the 30 Day Internet Policy.  The article described Verizon's draconian "Policy" that requires consumers to pay for an entire month of internet service even if they cancelled one day into the next billing cycle.  In our particular case, Verizon demanded we pay a full…


Verizon Fios and the 30 Day Internet Policy

We recently filed a a Consumer Complaint with the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") against Verizon.  While our complaint centered on wireless internet, keep in mind that consumers can also file complaints with the FCC regarding their phone, television, and even radio services.  There are extra protections for those with disabilities and for those in need…