A President with Dreams of Dictatorship

We should certainly celebrate America's beautiful experiment of democracy on the 4th of July, but without the military parades that pander to one man's dictatorial tendencies.


Pardon and Prison: An Analysis of Trump’s Pardon Power and How It Could Lead to Obstruction

The article analyzes Trump’s legal ability to save himself and his associates through his pardon power. The analysis also examines what charges Mueller might be able to bring should Trump try to pardon potential co-conspirators, or even himself.


Midterm Prep – What to Watch and Read

There is a lot of noise in the media and from the President's twitter account in advance of the U.S. Midterm Elections on Tuesday, November 6.  Sifting through this morass can be challenging at best - below are a few sources you should read or watch, especially if you are an undecided voter: -…

The Republican Kavanaugh Hypocrisy

I have not shied from voicing my displeasure toward the Republican Party as of late.  Too often in the past they've taken the moral high ground, particularly during the Clinton administration (where we discussed the President's sex life for 2 full years), only to smack themselves with hypocrisy once one of their own fails to…

I Am No Longer a Republican – A Millennial Perspective

Donald Trump repeatedly promised to "drain the swamp" during his 2016 campaign for President.  Instead, he flooded it. Former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's resignation on July 6th following numerous allegations of corruption, graft, and misuse of public funds is only at the surface of a swamp deluged in the Trump administration's moral sewage. From Wilbur Ross's…