America Ignores Its Own Climate Change Assessment

The U.S. government recently published a report on climate change, but you may have heard nothing because the Trump administration dismissed its findings. We all must heed these latest warnings. #ClimateChange


Curing Climate Change: The Case for a Carbon Tax

There is an easy short and long term cure to climate change: a global carbon tax. Before you gasp at the thought of making businesses pay for the metric tons of carbon (and carbon equivalent emissions like CH4) they emit, and before you rebut this argument by stating that the cost of carbon will only…

Death to the Oceans

The Pacific Ocean is dying.  Regardless of whether you agree with global warming or climate change, it is scientifically indisputable that carbon dioxide emitted into the air is polluting oceans around the world.  In the past 200 years, oceans have absorbed over 118 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide, with 43% of that absorption occurring…