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Lessons for a New Week

Benjamin Franklin was known for many things.  He wore numerous hats – he was a printer, scientist, philosopher, and statesman, amongst others.  Early in his life when he was still finding his way in the world he set upon a moral perfection project, aiming to achieve the highest level of moral perfection.  In order to do this he constructed a […]

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What Do You Think Domestic Violence Looks Like?

Almost everyone in America now knows Ray Rice.  Not for his football prowess, his multiple Pro Bowl selections, or his Super Bowl ring.  They know him as the woman beater and domestic abuser.  Certain life events involving professional athletes have a tendency to go beyond the realm of what only ESPN or your local sports news channel will cover.  Domestic […]

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Lessons for the Obama Administration from America’s First Diplomat

As the world passively watches the crisis unfold in Ukraine, and the Obama Administration continues to enforce economic sanctions as effectively as it did red lines in Syria, war becomes a more likely possibility everyday.  The dovish policies of the Obama Administration have not only allowed Al-Assad to remain in power, but have permitted the ex-KGB and bear hunting Putin […]

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Consumers as Private Attorney Generals

One of the biggest problems with the modern U.S. economy is the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few.  When wealth is highly concentrated, it becomes almost impossible for small, independent producers to compete in the marketplace.  The Department of Justice does not always do their job when it comes to enforcing the antitrust laws that were designed […]