The Pool: Blasé Food in a Beautiful Setting

An exceptionally beautiful and luxurious setting cannot make up for the blasé state of the food at The Pool.


Ten Must Do Winter Activities in Manhattan

While some may not equate cold weather with liveliness and vitality, Manhattan arguably springs to life most during the winter holiday season.  There are a number of festive activities to enjoy across the five boroughs, but below are some of the best.  Merry Christmas! Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree A New York City Christmas staple for…

Michelangelo at the Met

From now until February 12, 2018, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is showcasing a fascinating exhibit on Michelangelo.  The exhibit highlights his mastery of drawing, design, sculptures, painting, and architecture.  The stencil drawings were some of my favorite.  Note his deep understanding of the human body.  He knows precisely how muscles…

2015: The Year of the Goose

Canada Goose.  If you have not heard of this company, well, you should have because 2015 is the year of the goose.  Yes, Kate Upton adorned one of their coats back in February 2013, but this year it will go full mainstream. Already considered a cult by some, especially those in Canadian (duh!) and European markets,…