Midterm Prep – What to Watch and Read

There is a lot of noise in the media and from the President’s twitter account in advance of the U.S. Midterm Elections on Tuesday, November 6.  Sifting through this morass can be challenging at best – below are a few sources you should read or watch, especially if you are an undecided voter:

  • – this website contains everything you need to know about the candidates appearing on your ballot.  Simply type in your address and review what candidates have submitted to a series of questions.  As mentioned in my previous article (Ulysses S. Grant – An Archetype of American Leadership), if candidates fail to answer any of the questions, that should tell you about how seriously they’ll take their job.
  • HBO Media – I think this network has some of the best media content around.  These three politics-oriented shows (particularly their latest episodes) have everything you need as you prepare for Election Day:
    • Pod Save America – a podcast turned HBO series, this show is exactly as advertised: “A no-bullshit conversation about politics hosted by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor that breaks down the week’s news and helps people figure out what matters and how to help.” (See Podcast; HBO Series – you can watch the premiere for free!)
    • Bill Maher – one of the bluntest and most intelligent comedians and political commentators around.  He always has interesting guests, and he loves calling a spade a spade (See HBO Series)
    • John Oliver – this Brit has an insightful perspective on American politics, almost the British version of Alexis de Tocqueville (See HBO Series)
  • LA Times Article – “President Trump boasts he’s turned around American industry.  With the election at hand, here are the facts.” Great article with cold hard facts that holds accountable the hyperbolic, superlative infatuated President.
  • Wall Street Journal – “Key Races to Watch in Tuesday’s Midterm Elections.”  Often with a more financial view, this WSJ article lays out the key races, particularly during east coast hours, which could be indicative of the final state of the race.

Get out and vote!

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