Summer in the City

When the sun reigns supreme

In the city of king beings

The streets come alive

With workers out by five


Outdoor dining and drinking

Whether on rooftops or streets, as if time is a fleeting

It’s rosé all day

From Saturday to Sunday, that’s all you may say

From the seaport to the park

Summer in the city means it will never go dark


The city thrives during the summer time

Weekend mornings without commuters are completely sublime

Locals disperse, tourists converge

The lucky few with pools are quick to submerge

The humidity can be dense

Traveling by subway gets even more tense

And occasionally hold your breath along some streets

Roasting garbage bags greet all those they meet


Yet no matter the smells

New York in the summer does so much so well

Glamping is a thing

Sheep’s Meadow and the Frying Pan will impress all those you bring

And dare not forget the arts

With concerts and movies, and even Shakespeare in the park

Old reliables of course are Loeb Boathouse and Boat Basin

Both fine ideas for any occasion

Ride a bike up the westside or stroll through the villages’ tree-dotted streets

Maybe walk to Ferrara’s for a late night treat


And while you may not forget islands or beaches

You will never forget what the city teaches

The summer energy is contagious here

Making summer in the city a must every year.




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