The Kid

Silently present, welcome to stay

Youngest of all, fortunate today

It is great being the kid

Expectations are small

Cover your mouth with the figurative lid

Listen, learn, and you’ll be the best of them all.


They invited you in, but you must earn your stay

Times passes quickly, so seize every day

Soak up like a sponge all that you hear

Take the fateful plunge and be efficient this year

For you are only the kid once

In a few years you will be old

So volunteer for everything

No matter how it’s sold.


What you learn now, you must apply later

If you perform well, you will be in good favor

For the people you’re with, they were once kids too

Mentored by the best, the next up is you

But for now, run for some coffee

That will be two quid

There is nothing better than being the kid.

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