Michelangelo at the Met

From now until February 12, 2018, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is showcasing a fascinating exhibit on Michelangelo.  The exhibit highlights his mastery of drawing, design, sculptures, painting, and architecture.  The stencil drawings were some of my favorite.  Note his deep understanding of the human body.  He knows precisely how muscles protrude, joints bend, and how people sit and pose.  His ability to capture the male form in particular is arguably second to none.  I was astounded how detailed some of these drawings and designs were, especially his works with red chalk, as illustrated below:

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The exhibit is definitely worth experiencing.  Although you will not see the Sistine Chapel or the statue of David, they have an electronic replica of the famous ceiling, and there are a number of other fascinating sculptures that display Michelangelo’s unique artistic prowess.  The New York Times called the exhibit “an art historical tour de force”, and it certainly does not disappoint.  Some more of my favorite pieces from the exhibit:

And of course, the Met has far more than just Michelangelo.  You could spend days touring its vast halls.  Below are some of my favorites from Rodin, along with a video of beautiful spaces that caught my eye.


For more information on Met hours, tours, etc., click here.  Try to go as early as possible to beat the rush.  The museum is far more interesting and enjoyable when it’s less crowded.

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